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A4 Government Regulations

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  March 2014






Government Regulations




Section One:            Legislation Focused on Charities (Charitytax.imaginecanada.ca)


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The Income Tax Act is very significant to registered charities because of its charitable registration requirements and the authority it grants to issue tax receipts. Many aspects of the regulation of charities' activities, however, fall to provincial and territorial governments. A primary focus of provincial charitable-sector legislation is fundraising and solicitation activities.

Charities resident or operating in some provinces should be aware of the provincial laws that may affect their activities. In particular, the following legislation, listed by enacting province, should be reviewed and complied with. Where available, links to online resources describing these legislative requirements are provided.


Charitable Fundraising Act – Regulates the fundraising activities of charities and fundraising businesses that make solicitations of support from persons in Alberta.

Charitable Donation of Food Act – Charities that distribute donated food in Alberta should review this Act, as it addresses the liability of their directors, agents and employees in respect of the donated food.

Gaming and Liquor Act -- Charities that wish to conduct charitable gaming in Alberta (bingos, raffles, etc.) should consult this Act, as it may be necessary to be licensed under this Act.

Religious Societies’ Land Act – Regulates the ownership of land by unincorporated religious associations. (Appendix A)

Trustee Act – Regulates various trust law aspects of charities in Alberta, including the investment standards to which charities will be held.





The Administration Team is responsible for ensuring that church business in conducted in accordance with government regulations and the church’s bylaws (C/R bylaws article 6.6.2, Governance Manual Section C 3.1.2)





1.         The Church Administrator or such other person as the Administration Team may designate shall subscribe to and routinely review the following (all available on line):


            Carters Charity Law Updates

            CRA updates for charities

            CCCC bulletins





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