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A6-2 Conflict of Interest

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Jan 2012

Organizational Policies





Conflict of Interest

Approved By






The purpose of this policy is to identify and manage conflicts of interest between an elder  and the church.




1.         A personal or corporate interest in any matter other than the best interest for the welfare of the church,  is a potential conflict of interest.


2.         This conflict of interest policy shall apply to Elders, Administration Team members and  members of any other committee or any staff member(s) given authority by the Board to make decisions where a personal or corporate interest could potentially cause a conflict of interest.  




1.         Each elder shall:

  • Examine the board agenda for potential conflicts of interest;

  • Notify the board chair before the meeting of the potential conflict;

  • Declare the potential conflict at the beginning of the meeting where the matter appears on the agenda;

  • Abstain from discussion and voting on the agenda item unless invited to do so by the chair;

  • Excuse himself from that portion of the meeting if asked to do so by the chair or the board.


    2.         The board chair shall:

  • Advise the board of any potential conflicts of interest that have been declared;

  • Call for potential conflicts of interest at the beginning of each meeting ;

  • Determine whether the elder is in conflict in the matter;

  • Determine the role of the elder during the discussion of the agenda item in which there is a potential conflict.


    3.         In cases where the potential conflict is unclear or undeclared the board shall:

  • Decide whether the matter should be handled as a potential conflict of interest;

  • Decide the appropriate course of action to deal with an undeclared conflict;

  • Record the potential conflict and related actions in its minutes.




    This policy is taken from the Board’s Governance Manual, with the exception of Item 2 under ‘Policy”

C/R Governance Manual C1.9



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