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Governance Manual C4

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C4.1         Monitoring Critical Success Factors:  The board shall perform the monitoring of the critical success factors listed in the strategic plan on a quarterly or annual basis, depending on the nature of the indicators used in monitoring them.  Each critical success factor may have multiple indicators. The limit of acceptable risk for each indicator shall be predetermined in negotiation with the Senior pastor and recorded in board policy.  


C4.2         Monitoring Senior Pastor/Administration Team Limitations/Expectations:  The board shall perform the monitoring of the senior pastor’s and administration team’s compliance with the limitations of authority and expectations of responsibility.  Monitoring may be assigned to a committee and may take one or more of the following forms:

  • ·           Internal report (verbal or written report from the senior pastor/administration team or designate);
  • ·           Internal audit (documentation review by the board or a committee);
  • ·           External audit (documentation review and report by an external third party).


C4.3         Monitoring Schedule:  The board or the assigned committee shall establish and maintain an annual schedule of this monitoring process for each of the limitations and expectations policies and critical success factors.  They may be monitored monthly, quarterly or annually at the direction of the board, depending on the nature of the limitations and expectations policies and indicators of critical success factors.


                 The limitations of authority and expectations of responsibility policies shall be monitored according to the following schedule:

  • ·         Tactical and Financial Planning                                         Quarterly
  • ·         Financial Condition –  Operational Funds                          Quarterly
  • ·         Capital Expenditures and Asset Protection                        Annually
  • ·         Gifts-In-Kind and Designated Funds                                  Annually
  • ·         Banking Operations                                                            Annually
  • ·         Treatment of Staff and Members                                     Annually


The schedule for monitoring critical success factors shall match the factors and their indicators as described.


C4.4         Measuring Strategic Outcomes:  As part of its duty the board shall measure the strategic outcomes of its efforts to fulfill its mission and priorities. 


C4.4.1      Outcome Indicators:  The board shall identify indicators of strategic outcomes that shall be the basis of setting strategic goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant to the mission and priorities, and time-limited (S.M.A.R.T.).  The indicators shall be reviewed on an annual basis and revised where necessary as part of the strategic planning process.


C4.4.2      Measuring Progress:  The board shall measure the progress toward the strategic goals on an annual basis as part of the strategic planning process.  On the basis of this measurement and evaluation of strategic results the board may make revisions to priorities and strategic goals for the following year.


C4.5         Monitoring Board Performance and Annual Relationship Reviews:  As part of its accountability process, the board shall have its own performance reviewed and shall monitor the performance and shall complete annual relationship reviews for the senior pastor, administration team  and the other committees to which it has delegated authority and responsibility.


Accountability in all relationships is reciprocal.  The source of authority is accountable to the recipient of authority for providing the authorization, resources, affirmation, involvement and servant leadership required for the successful realization of the responsibilities of the position. 

The recipient of authority is accountable to the source of authority for performance with respect to the negotiated expectations and for compliance with the limitations of authority of the position being reviewed.


The components of this working relationship shall be reviewed at pre-determined intervals at the initiation of the source of authority and shall include a:

  • ·           Review of the authorization and resources provided and values expressed by the source of authority to the recipient;
  • ·           Review of the recipient’s performance towards expectations of the responsibilities of the relationship including the progress towards tactical goals;
  • ·           Negotiation of tactical goals and other expectations for the next planning period;
  • ·          


Copies of all annual relationship reviews shall be distributed to all members of the board.


C4.5.1      Board Governance Performance Reviews:  Since the membership does not normally perform a review of their relationship with the board, the board shall conduct an annual review of its own performance in governance.  The board may assign this review to the policy review committee. The board or committee may use self-directed performance reviews annually and an external review at least once every five years.


C4.5.2      Internal Board Relationship Reviews:  The policy review committee shall lead the review of the following relationships with the board:

  • ·           Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary – annually;
  • ·           Committee Chairs – annually   

At least one of the reviewers shall attend one meeting of the committee being reviewed during the year under review.


C4.5.3      Governance Committee (Policy Review Committee)/Board Relationship Review:  The board chair and two elders who are not members of the Governance Committee shall review the governance committee/board relationship annually.


C4.5.4      Senior Pastor and Administration Team/Board Relationship Review:  The annual review of the senior pastor and administration team/board relationship shall be conducted by the board.


C4.6         Accountability to the Church:  The board shall report fully and accurately the annual measurements of strategic results to the membership in a timely manner in its annual report.


C4.7         Accountability to Government Authorities:  The board shall ensure that all documents required by the government are filed in accordance with all applicable regulations.  The board shall further ensure that the church complies with all the federal, provincial and municipal laws in which Bonnyville Baptist Church is registered and works.




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