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Article 4

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Article 4 - Membership


4.1       The purpose of membership in the Church is to allow those who are dedicated to the purpose of the Church to influence its success through their voting on church matters at congregational meetings.


4.2     Classification of Members

There are two categories of members:

a)       Resident Members

b)       Non-Resident Members


4.3     Applications

All applicants for membership must

a)       have been baptized by immersion;

b)       attend a membership class;

c)       give satisfactory evidence of regeneration and personal faith in Christ as their Savior and Lord to two Elders or to a committee appointed by the Board for this purpose;

d)       accept the Church=s doctrinal position and practices (i.e. Statement of Faith, Bylaws, purpose, goals and policies/procedures for carrying on the Church=s affairs);



4.4     Admission of Members


4.4.1  Any individual may become a resident or non-resident Member of the Church by:

a)       meeting the requirements in Article 4.3; and

b)       recommendation by the Board to be accepted into membership at a general meeting of the Church.


4.4.2  The Senior Pastor is an ex-officio Member of the Church.


4.5     Rights of Members


4.5.1  Any Member in good standing is entitled to:


a)       receive notice of meetings of the Church;

b)       attend any meeting of the Church;

c)       speak at any meeting of the Church; and

d)       exercise other rights and privileges given to Members in these bylaws.


4.5.2  Voting Members - The only members  who can vote at meetings of the Church are resident members in good standing sixteen years of age and over.


4.5.3  Number of Votes - A voting Member is entitled to one (a) vote per topic at a meeting of the Church.


4.5.4  Member in Good Standing -  A Member is in good standing when they fulfill their responsibilities  as a member of the Church, that is:

a)       to live with integrity and in such a way as to exemplify conduct consistent with Biblical instruction and in accordance with the Statement of Faith;

b)       to pray for the ministry, outreach, growth, and leaders of the Church, and to protect the unity of the Church;

c)       to provide resources (tithes, offerings, volunteering, use of spiritual gifts and talents) so that the Church is able to achieve it=s objects; and

d)       attend at least one worship service regularly unless circumstances do not allow.


4.6     Discipline of Members


4.6.1.   Members  failing to observe the basic principles of Christian faith and conduct as found in our Statement of Faith, and to such degree as to bring reproach upon the name of the Church and its ministry;  or who habitually and willfully neglects church obligations, as listed under Article 4.5.4; will be

a)        contacted and counseled by any two Elders (or Elder and the Senior Pastor); or

b)        interviewed by the Board or a committee appointed by the Board.


4.6.2    If restoration is not possible the Member may be suspended from membership upon recommendation by the Board, by a motion at a general meeting of the Church.


4.6.3.   Suspended members may be reinstated by a motion at a general meeting of the Church upon confession of their error, and on the giving of satisfactory evidence of repentance to the members of the church.


4.7       Termination of Membership


4.7.1    Members who move away and any Member who ceases to attend services for six months will have their membership terminated. Exception may be granted for special circumstances, serving missionaries, or students who will be listed as non-resident members.


4.7.2    Other instances may require termination of membership such as those outlined in Article 4.6.1-2 under Discipline.


4.7.3    The termination of membership of a Member requesting voluntary disassociation from the church, or for other reasons referred to in Article 4.7.1-2 will take effect upon the approval of the membership at a general meeting of the Church.


4.8       Letters of Recommendation

Members  leaving in good standing are eligible for letters of recommendation to other evangelical churches. Letters will be forwarded to the church upon request, and not given to the Member being commended, and their names will be withdrawn from the membership register.


4.9       Limitation on the Liability of Members

 No member is, in his individual capacity, liable for any debt or liability of the Church.


4.10     Membership Register

 A record of all members, including date coming into membership and date terminating membership with the reason for terminating is maintained by the Church Clerk.


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