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B5 Personnel Practices

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March 2014














Written personnel policies and practices promote the recruitment and retention of qualified employees and encourage the ongoing service of volunteers within the church.





Practices and procedures dealing with the recruitment, training, compensation and evaluation of all personnel, will be included in this manual and reviewed regularly by the responsible staff member or committee.





1.         Each employee and volunteer will receive a copy of those policies and practices applicable to their role and position within the church, including but not limited to:   Training & Equipping Practices, Vehicle Use and Reimbursement Practice, Ethical Conduct and Non-Harassment Policies, and Discipline Procedure. (C/R Employee Handbook and Volunteers' Handbook, B5-4 Training and Equipping , B5-5 Non-Harrassment)


2.         Each employee will receive applicable information on benefit and assistance plans and allowances for reimbursement of employee expenses. (C/R Employee Handbook).


3.         Job descriptions are to be established for all staff, and reviewed periodically (minimally every three years) to maintain relevancy. (C/R B2 Responsibility and Accountability, Articles A2.3 and A2.5 of the Board Governance Manual A2 to A4, B5-1 Job Descriptions )


4.         Ministry leaders are responsible for providing and reviewing  job descriptions for all roles/positions, including committees, within their ministry.  (C/R B2 Responsibility and Accountability,  B5-1 Job Descriptions)


5.         Senior staff responsible for children’s and youth ministries will routinely review the screening process for workers involved in children’s/youth ministries and make recommended changes to the Senior Pastor and Board.


6.         The Administration Team will review personnel policies minimally every five years and provide recommendation to the Senior Pastor and Board for revisions.


7.         The Administration Team will review salary scales for employees minimally every five years and will determine whether cost of living increases are required annually.







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