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D6 Wedding Arrangements

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March 2014

Congregation & Community








Wedding Arrangements




To provide a consistent protocol for handling wedding requests from the general public as well as from the congregation.




1.         Requests to have one of our pastors officiate at a wedding should be passed on to the Senior Pastor, unless the individual has specifically requested another pastor.


2.         Ask the individual whether they are hoping to use the facility, and if so, ask for the date to check the calendar for conflicts.   Let the individual know that our pastors are required to do pre-marital counselling.  If neither of the couple attend BBC let them know that due to the time required for pre-marital counselling and officiating at a wedding, the pastor may not be able officiate, however that you will pass the information on and either the pastor or you will get back to them as soon as possible.


3.         If the pastor decides to officiate, he will arrange an initial meeting.   A copy of the wedding booklet Wedding Booklet March 2015.pdf   (Wedding Booklet March 2015.pub  )should then be provided to the couple, the BBC Marriage Application.docx completed and facility booked. 


4.         For weddings held in BBC facilities, the charge is $150 (C/R F4 Rentals ) plus $75 for the sound person (arrangements must be made through the Worship Pastor).


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