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E5  Accountability and Reporting

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March 2014


Evaluation & Planning






Accountability & Reporting





Accountability to the church is accomplished through regular quarterly and annual reports. Accountability to government is accomplished through annual reports.  (C/R Governance Manual, Articles C4.6 and 7)




1.         The membership receives quarterly reports from:

  • Board,

  • Administration Team (including financial statement),

  • Senior Pastor.


2.         The membership receives the following reports in the agenda package for the Annual General Meeting:

  • Accomplishments of the Strategic Plan (Included in the Vision Booklet).

  • Annual reports of the ministries and activities of the church, from ministry leaders as well as the senior pastor, administration team and board.


    3.         The above reports are available to adherents if interested – copies are placed on the coffee table in the main foyer for this purpose.


    4.         The Annual Report is also sent to Fellowship Prairies/FEBCAST Regional Director.


    4.         In order to maintain its charitable status the church is required to complete an annual charities return within six months of the end of the fiscal year.   Most of this report, including the church’s annual financial statements, are available to the general public from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or by going to the Charities Listings on Canada Revenue Agency’s website as well as related websites.


    5.         Payroll and benefits reports are completed annually by the Administrator or designate.  (C/R Benevolence Policy D7, Personnel & Payroll Procedures – Administrator’s Handbook).





1.         The Administrator (or other designated individual preparing agenda packages for the congregation) requests reports from each chairman for quarterly reports and each chairman/ministry leader for the annual reports. 


2.         The Administrator forwards an electronic copy of the Annual Report to the Regional Director.


3.         The Administrator arranges for completion of the annual charities return and for the Board Chairman to sign the return.   This return must be received by CRA prior to December 31st and must include copies of the Financial Statements.






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