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F1-2 Library Access

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March 2014


Facility & Equipment - Access


















The Library provides materials for training, discipleship (growth) and entertainment for the leadership and congregation as a whole.





1.         The Library is accessible to the congregation most Sunday mornings.  


2.         The Library is accessible to Senior Staff at any time, however the library should not be opened during their ministry events.


3.         The Library is also accessible to the congregation during Office Hours.





1.         The library is managed by two volunteer librarians.   It is manned on Sunday Mornings by trained volunteers and is therefore dependent upon the availability of these volunteers.  


2.         Office staff may allow any member of the congregation to access the library during the office hours.   Senior Staff may access the library whenever they wish.  


3.         All staff accessing the library are responsible to ensure materials are properly signed-out on the weekday sign-out sheet, whether accessing for themselves or someone else.


4.         The Administrator provides staff supervisory support to the Librarians.







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