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G2 Facility Use and Booking

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March 2014

Ministries & Programs










1.         The church must be booked for ALL events except use of staff personal office space.


2.         All bookings are to be done through the Administrator or designated office staff.   A confirmation email will be sent to the individual requesting the booking with the following reminder: 


            For all public events (anything other than a staff (paid/volunteer) meeting[i]):

  • Designate and instruct someone to serve as the ‘fire-warden’

  • Ensure all storage areas and areas not being used for your event are LOCKED.   This provides easy security protocol and is in fact part of our Plan to Protect Policy.

  • Leave the facility in a ‘better than we found it’ condition – take excess garbage to the bin, ensure toilets are flushed, lights off, windows closed and zones locked.

  • Double check front doors to ensure secure.

  • A member must be responsible for the facility (if you are authorizing a non-member to assume responsibility, remember YOU are still responsible.)


3.         Non-church events are any events that are not part of the church’s ministry.   This includes use of the facility for personal events and non-profit groups wishing to use the facility.   All such events are subject to our Rental practices, see F4.


4.         While ministry use takes precedence over non-church use, once the facility has been booked the booking is to be honoured.



[i] ‘Staff meetings’ would include worship practice sessions, team and leader meetings, board meetings, etc.


Ref:  Admin Team September 2013


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